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OK, the "30 around 30" list is now half-complete! Here's the first half, I'll do another post when it's all done. I'm still looking for more suggestions! I'll link to the individual posts once I've got the master list up. Cindy suggested that things I've done since about October or so can count for this challenge, since it's "around 30," so if I can't come up with enough things to fill out the second half, I'll add a few of those. I'd really like to come up with more, though!

1. Bake bread (done on 1/28/13, post to come)
2. Try aerial silks (ongoing, started on 1/28/13, post to come)
3. Sew a skirt
4. Bake meringues
5. Write a fantasy short story (let's say 10,000 words-ish)
6. Learn how to play the wooden flute
7. Learn Italian!
8. Knit a scarf
9. Make an origami moose (apparently, it's possible!)
10. Run a 5K (maybe? I'm scared of this one...)
11. Host a sit-down dinner for 6-8 people (this would require having a place to do so, though)
12.Try Bikram yoga
13. Have a real Do Nothing But Read day
14. Create and keep up a sleep-related website/blog/thing
15. Paint an accent wall (if we move and it's allowed)

PS If you're reading this in my LJ, I'm sorry if you're confused! I think I forgot to mention that I have this blog that I sometimes update, and now I've set it up to cross-post!
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