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so taking inspiration from lane ([livejournal.com profile] discolane), i've decided to do a list of highlights of 2002. i think mine will be by month, as much as i can remember the months for things.

january: i can't remember any highlights...it was a hard month, i think. from my lj, it seems that the highlights would be that ethan won survivor africa. sad, isn't it? nothing else is very high-lighty...it was quite an adjustment period, what with graham crackers and all.

february: decided to do the breast cancer 3-day...a bit of a rash decision, but it worked out rather well. also, celebrating sam's birthday a week early, on pres day weekend was rather fun...i think i've started a tradition since i plan to do the same thing again this year. without the tent, though. yeah...

march: my birthday! not that it was all that exciting this year, actually, but that's ok. also, dance by the shores was my first ever dance comp...and we did pretty well!

april: decided to start going to hillel again because of incident with candy's church group...so a good thing came out of a bad situation. also, the holocaust memorial was very powerfull...not happy, but a highlight nonetheless. oh, and my sister visited and took me out and away from school for a bit...it doesn't seem so exciting anymore, but it was exciting then.

may: went home for memorial day on a whim...not really a highlight, i guess, but nothing too exciting happened, anyhow. oh, almost forgot! we were runners at emerald ball! that was tres exciting...i don't know how i almost didn't remember it. but yes...good times and lots of dance world celebrities.

june: started massage class...met lots of awesome people...basically had a blast. oh, and got to dance with ralph! what an exciting even! almost unbelievable, really! hehe...yes...also, highly overrated, but that's another story.

july: avon breast cancer 3-day...60 miles, 3 days, $2400 raised by me, $7 some million raised by everyone...totally amazing experience

august: nothing too exciting...massage class was great, my internship was fun, but the month itself was a bit difficult to get through. oh, well.

september: got certified as a massage technician! hooray! that's super happy! also went back to sd, which isn't quite as happy, but that's ok.

october: paul mccartney concert was incredible...arguably the best night of my year. also started going out with dan, which was a highlight then. also got closer with the girls in tga. this seems to have been a rather eventful month.

november: making comp alternate was wonderfully exciting. also, thanksgiving and having underground turkey was great! oh, and the fact that cin and sam got together was tres happy!

december: paris! everything about being here is a highlight. also the dance competition was great since we did surprisingly well. oh, and i got an A in linear algebra, which was amazing.

so those are some things that stand out for me from 2002. reading through my lj, i realize that it wasn't an easy year for me...but i've made it through all in one piece, and i think i've learned from it. so it was a successful year, despite everything or maybe because of it. yes. ok, gonna go do something else now...i'm not sure what, though, but that's ok.


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