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well, perhaps i will now have time to finish my now 4-part post! imagine that!

october through december )

so the year draws to a close, as, finally, does this post. i still have a summary-ish thing i want to write, not so much about events, but a wrap-up of thoughts and things discovered, you know? and also, it'll be good to get resolutions that are clear and precise, and not too huge. so yeah, one more review-ish thing will be up eventually. sorry for the spamminess! heh.
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so i'm at the boy's place, and he's having a very technical meeting with several people, and i'm left to my own devices...which, clearly, means i should go online and update my lj, right? of course, right! (anyone get the reference?)

i've surfed all the sites i felt like surfing, so now i'm back to lj, and i thought i'd do more of my year-in-review thing. we'll see if i finish the year this time...it'll depend on how long the meeting takes.

august and september )

ok, that is all, since the meeting is over and i'm off to socialize and then go home.
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ok, well, i have a few moments to myself with nothing to do, so i thought i'd continue yesterday's post. i won't get through the whole rest of the year, though.

part 2, june and july )
ok, that's all...i'll finish soon, promise!
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so, i always do a year-in-review type post, more for myself than anything, since it helps me do an inventory of sorts for the year. this year was very eventful for me, so i guess this will be good.

part 1, january through may )
so, i think that's all for this post. part 2 coming up maybe tomorrow.


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