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Apr. 6th, 2006 12:26 pm
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i like this one myself, but [profile] elinoa,
this really made me think of one of your posts.
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i was looking at old comics on the sf chronicle website, and i found an All Over Coffee from about a month ago that says, "No matter which direction you choose, in 5 years you'll be happy you did." i like that a lot. i don't think it's entirely true, but i still like it. yes. and if anyone wants to see the archive, it's here.
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anyone know if the comic "all over coffee" exists online? i really like it.

in any case, the sunday datebook runs it, and this week, the little quote thing said the following:

"And if you're going to do this," she told herself, "You've got to remember, there are going to be bad times, and times that you forget what you were thinking and why you made this choice."

and man, that just made me cry. silly. but that's the best description of making decisions.

eta: have found the comic online, will put links to my favorite ones later. you guys, i'm a sappy idiot. as if we didn't already know that, i guess, but yeah. *cries* i think it has something to do with being tired and emotionally drained. and i still have to go to work in a little while. it's been a long day.


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