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if you didn't get the email, i'm hosting bab5 today at my parents' place (at their suggestion, no less) while they're out of town. comment or send me an email if you need the address or directions, or just come on over any time after 7:30.
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sometimes, i forget just how much i love bab5.  i posted endless entries about it when i first started going, when i was still constantly surprised by the huggy, cuddly, and generally awesome people there.  eventually, though, it stopped being surprising...still wonderful, but sort of expected, you know?

so yesterday, i suddenly realized all over again how cool this group is, how different from anything i'd ever been part of before.  partly, this was because there were some people who i hadn't seen in months and was really happy to see again.  partly it was probably because i was tired and allergicky and feeling sort of vulnerable, emotionally, and so it was especially nice to just be able to hang out and be cuddled.  but yeah, such happiness!  human piles on foof chair and general hugginess and nice people who i hadn't met before and nice people i hadn't seen in a really long time and just good times.  and silliness, as always, which is great. 

yay for wonderful, cuddly geeks!  and now, back to work.


Mar. 10th, 2006 01:46 pm
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elaine is tired.  not enough sleep, although i'm glad i went to bab5 yesterday.  it was nice to hang out with people, chat, and just lay around on a foof chair and be cuddled.  lots of head-scritching and general hugginess.  yay.  but then i had to get up super early today to deal with car stuff, and that was unhappy...both in the getting up early and in the actual dealing with it part.  not a fan of mechanics, especially ones who patronize me.  blah.  must bring my dad with me next time or something.  and now it's more hassle to deal with it all...rent a car, leave my car at shop, figure out insurance stuff.  meh.

on the bright side, my supervisor is going to talk to my pi (principal investigator) today and find a data set for me to present at a conference in november...the deadline for abstract submission is in 3 weeks, so i need to get started now.  yay!  exciting stuff!

ok, back to work.  thank goodness for weekend coming up.
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so apparently, one of my niches in bab5 is to be a head scratcher. i don't know if i can properly explain how much i love this. it makes me crave massage classes, the giving part. don't get me wrong, i love getting massages as much as (if not more than) your average person, but there's something so intensely satisfying about making things better through touch. don't know if that makes any sense, really, but i'm just so very happy about it. what can i say, life is good.

in other news, david and i might go ice skating today, which i haven't done in years! not since high school, as far as i can remember! excitement.

also, my life is very insane right now, so i apologize if i'm not super in touch with people. it's been really busy at work, and it's gonna get busier still. i love the fact that i'm doing so many different things, but sometimes, there's just not enough time to do everything that has to get done! i'm leaving an hour early today, and i'm still several hours over for the week.

more thoughts later, if i have time.
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work has been mildly crazy lately, but at least we have some subjects coming in next week. hopefully, unlike yesterday's no-show, they'll actually be here. meh.

on a happy note, bab5 yesterday was awesome, as usual. i came in really stressed out from work and plopped myself down on the foof. within a couple of minutes, i was joined by [livejournal.com profile] zestyping, who's always very sweetly cuddly, and then by david, [livejournal.com profile] kragen and [livejournal.com profile] owens888. so it was a very lovely cuddle pile, and [livejournal.com profile] paisleychick took a picture (that i really want to see!) and life was good. and then, later, david acquired a pink plastic snake that someone had bent into the shape of a heart and put it on top of me, and hence the subject of the post. so, if you ever wondered if there was a good reason to have a plastic snake on your head, the fact that it's pink, heart-shaped, and placed there by the boy is a very good reason. heh.

oh, and also? i was eating dove dark promises (cindy! remember the corny sayings?) and now, instead of corny sayings, they have fortune-style "advice." the two i ate said, respectively, "don't think so much about it" and "flirting is mandatory." hehe. much amusement, plus funny timing, in terms of my last post. i like funny coincidences. they're entertaining.

ok, back to work and cleaning data.
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so i've posted a couple of times, and i've talked to some people about the fact that no matter where i go, i seem to present the same image to people. on the one hand, that's annoying, since there's no possibility for change (or so it seems). on the other hand, it's a little comforting to know that there's something stable about myself that stays there, regardless of where i am or who i'm with.

cut for length )
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pretty please, could people put quiz stuff behind a cut? i know emily did, so thank you! i'm not sure whose quiz is screwing up my friends page, but someone's is.

in other news, bab5 was fun as always and at the end there was a nice mellow sort of pile. loving it. this is such an unexpected awesome group! now i'm all relaxed and ready for bed. more thoughts to come tomorrow, i think.
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yesterday, i learned how to play wink. i'm gonna have to explain it in detail later, but it involves lots of rolling around on the floor (and getting rug burn in the process). am bruised and scraped up, but it was so much fun!
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i'm really tempted to leave the subject as is, without explanation, but i just can't bring myself to do it. heh.

so yesterday, i brought cindy to a bab5 gathering...it was in san francisco, and like 10 minutes from home, so it worked really well for both of us. so we came and sat around and played word games for a while...and then, one of the hosts (jon? maybe.) decided he didn't want to sit on the floor in the living room and instead, wanted to sit on his bed. of course, he didn't want to sit there alone, so several people went to hang out with him...and then dragged other people in and tossed them on the bed...and then called other people in...and the end result was that we had a dozen people, literally, squished on this bed. admittedly, it was a queen-sized bed, but a dozen is still pushing it a little. but it was fun and cozy and really amusing, especially with random bouts of tickling that kept happening. so yeah, good times. and i was v. glad that cindy was neither bored nor overwhelmed.

and work is good today. i have useful things that i'm doing, and productive meetings, and everything is good. and i'm listening to the libbi schrader cd david burned for me (thanks david!) and that's awesome. and i discovered that the whole building has itunes and shares their music with each other! and that's also awesome!

the only downer is that my shoulder is really hurty and i don't know why. i should have it checked out, but i'm not sure where i'd go to do that. but other than that, life's good.
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had a very nice weekend, with less sleep than i wanted, but lots of social stuff. decided that i'm very glad i'm forward and impulsive and got things cleared up before they had a chance to get weird. more details later, locked. will probably update for real on my lunch break.

but to summarize: friday after work played munchkin with david, meghan, and jessica. saturday, had a lovely breakfast outing with kevin and tali, cleaned for a while, then went to a house concert with david, then went to a bab-5 (the thursday group, david's friends) party. sunday, went to my sister's birthday lunch, then to ikea for the first time ever (heh) and then crashed at home. so good times.


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