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a bit surprisingly, i'm very happy. it's not surprising in general, since i tend to be a pretty happy person in general, but it's kinda surprising in the context of all the current upheaval. but, really, it's all going really well right now, better than i expected, really. i'm interested in all my classes, lab stuff is great, everyone is super nice. i complained to one of my lab mates about not having anything to do friday night, and she immediately invited me to go to an event with her! and dancing was great fun last night, and while hillel wasn't an immediate hit, i'll try it again and see. and i'm going swing dancing tonight (i'm not very good at it, so we'll see how things go), and i signed up for personal training type stuff on fridays, and there's just so much cool stuff! so i'm a happy elaine. i'm sure i'll have the down-swing at some point, but for now, it's great!
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yesterday, i went to the ballroom dance club here, and it was awesome! i felt like i was back in college in a lot of ways, with the beginner lesson and the awkward partner switches and all! but it was lovely. the club here seems like a cross between the club and the team at ucsd: lots of social dancing, but also lessons and quite a bit of focus on going to competitions, which makes me happy. no formations, but that's ok. i don't think, after ucsd, that any formation team could live up to my desires. but they seem fun and motivated, and they're trying to get a subsidized trip to ohio star ball, and they go to day by the shores (ucsd's comp) and unlv's comp in the spring, so i'll probably do that with them, which would be awesome!

when i first walked in, i recognized their vp from all the comps in college! he was even on patrick's formation team, the one that did a horrible lion king routine, if any of you remember it! i reminded him, and we had a good laugh. so that was pretty cool...and he told me that i should go to the intermediate lessons instead of the beginner ones (those are the only choices), and i was like, "well, of course!" and that was entertaining. and he's cute! i met several really cute people! hehe. i was wearing the shirt cin made for me, the one that says "dance first, think later: it's the natural order!" and it was a great conversation starter. so, all in all, a really good time. i'll go again tomorrow for a "structured practice," whatever that means, and then social dancing on thursday. happiness!
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just as predicted, dancing totally made me feel better and huggy again. and then people came over and had some lemon tart that cin and i had made over the last couple of days...and it was awesome! so i'm back to normal and un-moody...yay! oh, and i'm once again reminded of how cool andres is...it's great that we're really comfortable, despite previous insanity. happy. i really like our dancer boys. and our dancer girls. yay dancers.
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awesome night, what with the mafia and catch-phrase and imaginiff game...good times with cuddly dancers. best example of no personal space in a while. heh.


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