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got a really good pep talk from my supervisor today...she's such a psychology person, in the best way. really knows how to be motivating without being over-the-top about it. i was feeling a little discouraged about work, since recruitment is being annoying and there are lots of little things that keep going wrong...and i know that it's to be expected, and these things kinda work themselves out, but it was bringing both me and the study coordinator down. and so our supervisor, who's the senior manager on all this, sat us down and talked to us and we were both re-energized and much happier about it all. so that's good.

setup yesterday went very late, 'cause the subject came to the hospital an hour and a half late. blah. today should be better, though, but i'm still missing dance. for the third week in a row. meh. annoyance, but what can i do?

went to the exploratorium with a whole lot of techie people on sunday, which was pretty awesome. it was quite amusing to watch them get engrossed by minute details of exhibits. much fun. sunday was also the birthday brunch for my little niece! she's such a doll! my sister and her husband dressed the baby up in a puffy little dress and put a bow on her head, and it was highly adorable. my older niece had a good time, too, and looked so pretty! so a good day.

saturday was mad cleaning day, because my parents visited my appartment. heh. but it went ok, and we went out to a nice dinner and all.

grandpa update: he varies from day to day. he's still in the rehab place, and some days he's better and some days he's worse. he's swallowing now, so we can feed him, but his parkinson's is giving him a lot of issues and he's pretty confused about stuff. but i'm trying to be hopeful, even when it's difficult.

everything's good with the boy, which makes me happy. it's nice to feel things getting more and more comfortable, you know? i'm excited for him with his job stuff, and just excited in general. good times.

on a random note, i really want to start an anonymous blog (meaning, not associated with me at all) and see if i can get readership on it, as a kind of experiment. i may even do it. heh. it just seems like it would be fun. i mean, how do anonymous bloggers get readers? it's easier on lj, with the communities and all. you can comment or post in a community, and people find out who you are, but how do you do it on a site like blogger, that doesn't have the same community feature? in any case, i might give it a try, branch away from lj a bit. we'll see.

ok, that's all...back to work.
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grandpa's better, after the insanity of the weekend. he's out of icu and in a regular unit, which is a good sign. still fuzzy and such, but that's apparently normal for people his age in an unfamiliar situtaion. so yes. he's doing as well as can be expected at this point.
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not so good. meh.
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so, grandpa is off breathing tube thing and out of the regular icu...he's in the transitional icu, which isn't great, but is better than before. he still has a hard time talking and can't swallow and has liquid in his lungs, but he's doing better overall. so yes, we're being hopeful.

thanks again to all the support you guys have given me. it's been pretty incredible.


Dec. 30th, 2005 01:12 pm
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no real news. grandpa is stable, but no one really knows what's happenning. meh. at least i got to go to bab5 yesterday and be cuddled by wonderful people. man, i'm so grateful for my support system, i don't even know how to properly express it.
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first, thank you all so much for the support and the kind words and for keeping my family in your thoughts and prayers. it means a lot to know that people are thinking about us.

my grandpa is still in the ICU, hooked up to a breathing tube and being monitored. he has the flu, among other issues. he may have had a small heart attack, but they don't know for sure. we spoke to the nurses this morning (they won't let us visit until later) and it sounds like he's more stable than yesterday, though still serious. basically, we're just waiting and hoping that he pulls through.

so yeah, i'm back at work, at least for now. i have a lot to catch up on, so trying to get it all done. keeping my phone on and waiting for any updates, i guess. feeling far more human today, at least. sleep is a good thing.


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