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it's funny, but i have less time now than i did during school. i don't know how that happened...i didn't think it was possible, what with all my activities during the year. but anyhow, i've been having a lot of fun the last couple of days.  i think i've driven about 400 miles since thursday night...my dad and i got gas after we went to oakland (i wanted to drive to the airport and back once with him, before i had to take my parents there).  i had to get gas again yesterday, and when i reset the mileage, it was about 230.  today, when i got home from my sister's place, the tank was about half empty (half full?) and the mileage thing said 150.  crazy...been driving back and forth pretty much all weekend, 'cause i went to my sister's on thursday, dancing in sunnyvale on friday, went to emily and thomas' place on saturday, and to my sister's again today.  good times.

my niece turned 5 thursday, so today was her birthday party at chucky cheese's, or however you spell the name.  the kids had fun, of course...ran around and played games and got hugely excited over every ticket they won.  rachel got 5 million presents, too...that child has every toy ever, it would seem.  what in the world are people gonna give nicole?  heh.  i'm sure we'll come up with gifts for her, too.  but yeah, now i'm exhausted.  there were 21 kids at the party, and while most of the parents stayed, i still was helping round up kids for various things.  i love children, but 21 at once is a bit much, even for me.

i was gonna write a longer entry, but toly just called me and we're gonna go see batman begins, so i should go and put on some shoes, probably.  i'm very excited about this movie...heard lots of good things about it, and the trailer looked pretty awesome.  hopefully, it'll be as good as all that.

more later, i think.  well, more later for sure, but i'm not sure how much later.  you'd think i would write more during the summer than the school year, but you'd be wrong.



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