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weeeee! we've made an offer on a condo in tucson! it's beautiful, if rather too big for me (my parents decided a 2-bedroom would be easier to re-sell later, and i can have an office or a space for a roommate should i change my mind and decide to get one next year) and it's all very exciting! my dad took some pictures, but i don't have them yet...i'll try to remember to get him to email them to me so i can post. but it's got lovely high ceilings in the living room, a small kitchen and a little tiled area to put a table, brand new appliances (which is really nice), and (one of the selling points) a great big walk-in closet in the bedroom that i'll be using. so cool! now i need to figure out how to furnish it and stuff.

so, yesterday was rather exciting, made more so by the fact that there were freak thunderstorms in both tucson and phoenix, which apparently doesn't ever happen in april/may, and we ended up having to stay in tucson overnight and fly out at 6am this morning, instead of 7:so last night, like we meant to. but that was made ok by the fact that we were put on the only (!) direct flight from tucson to sfo, on united, in first class. hee. not that first class on a tiny plane for a two hour flight all that exciting, but still, it was quite nice, and really nice of them to accommodate us.


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