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i put up more kitty pictures on my google album, here. now, i just need to choose one and make a kitty icon!
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i'm sitting on my couch with a sleeping kitty curled up on either side of me. that is all.
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the kitties are here! the kitties are here! everybody give a cheer! yes, i'm very hyper, can you tell? anyhow, the kitties came home tonight, and while they're a little out of it since they had to be sterilized this morning, they're very very cute nonetheless. i put a few pictures up on my google photo thing, http://picasaweb.google.com/dancingyel/Kitties

the girl is so affectionate! she keeps jumping into my lap when i come in (they're currently living in the bathroom for a few days so they don't get too overwhelmed or too hyper since they need to be calm for a little bit). they both purr non-stop when they're being petted, too. it's so great! i spent so much time just sitting on the floor with them jumping over me today! happiness!

it occurred to me suddenly that i'm developing the life i want to have, and it's a great feeling. this combination of being single, being in a new place, and living alone is helping me figure out what i want. i still would rather not be single, but that's ok. it's nice that it's not entirely negative, at least.
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the silly lady at the humane society messed up the paperwork, and instead of the boy i wanted, i'm getting his brother. d'oh! still, he was very cute and pretty cuddly as well, so while i liked his brother more, i liked him ok. the girl is the one i really adored, because when i picked her up, she nuzzled my nose! so that should be ok. they come home in 2 days!
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i have kitties! they come home on tuesday, because they still need to be spayed/neutered, but they're mine! they're siblings, a boy and a girl, and they're about 9 weeks old. the boy is named (by me, not the shelter) cactus, and the girl will be prickly pear, or prickles for short. weeee! i can't wait to go pick them up, they're the cutest things ever! thanks so much for coming with me, [livejournal.com profile] coolhandamanda!


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