Jan. 30th, 2006 10:23 am
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i now have 60 meese! cin gave me 3 more for new year's, bringing the total up to 60. amazing. i need to photograph these meese, 'cause they're awesome. one has magnets in his hands and feet, and so clings to things, monkey style. it's a monkey moose! i haven't figured out his name yet. the other two...well, they're simply awesome. they're nearly identical, except one is a light, milk chocolate brown, and the other is pale white. one is named hot chocolate, and the other is hot milk. they're chocolate scented, which is amusing. cindy gave them to me and said, "they can be your first moose couple! guess which one is you?" hehehe. i was highly amused, and so was david, when i showed them to him. so yes, i now have a moose couple.
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look at the adorable meese! if you go to page 2, there's even a moose door-breeze blocker! so cute! meese!

yes, a little hyper, why do you ask? good night!
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meese descriptions and names!

by way of explanation, the descriptions really only make sense if you have seen the meese or have talked to cin or me about them....some of them are straight descriptions, but others are inside jokes and other such things. and the names are all candy based, with a some deviations like coffee. yeah. they're highly silly, i know.

1. Older small beanie baby - Chocolate
2. Little Molly - Chip
3. Littlest one with joints - Truffle
4. Monkey-like moose - Butterscotch
5. Little one with hat in mouth - M&M
6. Small dog with yellow antlers - Peanut
7. Small dog with brown antlers - Almond (this one and the one before look more like dogs and less like meese, but they really are meese)
8. Jewish moose with yellow antlers - Hazelnut
9. Bearded moose in middle - Toblerone
10. Bearded moose on edge - Godiva
11. Zeus on edge with cover - Reese's
12. Zeus in middle - Pieces
13. Purple teddy bear - Jelly Bean (he's also a moose, but just looks teddy-bearish)
14. Molly - Chunk
15. Coca Cola moose - Soda
16. Bigger white one - White Chocolate
17. Jointed one (Muscletoofs?) - Frosting
18. Moose from can - Raspberry
19. Flat one with scarf - Syrup
20. Big chocolate beanie - Chocolate Sauce
21. Fuzzy terrycloth - Nutella
22. Neiman Marcus - Strawberry
23. Floppy cute one - Caramel
24. Mom - Coffee
25. Baby - Bean
26. Yellow ribbon - Pudding
27. Smaller white one - Marshmallow
28. Biggest one - Ferrero Rocher
29. Smallish one w/red bow - Toffee
30. Shiny gold one w/green scarf - Rolo
31. Green fuzzy teddy bear - Mint (he's really a moose, too)
32. Fat and happy one - Buttercream, per emily's request
33. Pretty gold one with blue scarf - Muffin (because he's a stud, so i can call him Stud-muffin!)
34. Small one with red antlers (and a stocking before i freed him from it) - Cherry Garcia, per cin's request
35. Floopy-ish, with blue hat and jacket - Blueberry

are you amused?


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