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don't know if i'll actually end up finishing this, but today is the first day of nanowrimo, or national novel writing month, for those of you who don't know. and for some bizzare reason, i signed up. not sure why, but that's ok. starting this evening, the goal is to write about 2000 words so that by the end of the month, counting days when i definitely won't hit 2000, i'll have the 50000 words that are the overall goal. we'll see how long i last, right? heh.
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so i have my lunch break right now...and i was doing random internet-y things and stumbled upon nanowrimo, which i knew about, but hadn't actually signed up for. i've been thinking about it pretty much every year of college, but just never made a decision. but now i have! so between november 1st and 30th, i will attempt to write 50000 words of something. the question, of course, is what...but no matter, i have a couple of weeks to decide! we'll see if anything comes of it, but at least i've signed up! suggestions for topics are always welcome!

in other news, work is good. i realize i haven't written about it for a while, but that's 'cause it's not that exciting. it's still good, though. i like the people, i'm doing interesting things most of the time, and i'm learning new stuff. happiness.

i really hope someone claims bab5 hosting before i leave work today, 'cause otherwise i won't find out about it until like 8:30 or so tomorrow, after i get back from services and the break-the-fast, which i may or may not actually stay for, depending on how comfortable i feel with the people. but no matter, i'm sure it'll figure itself out one way or another.

i'm actually looking forward to yom kippur, since it's a really good time for reflection. this year has been awesome for me, but there's a lot of room for growth, and it's good to think about that. i'm sure i'll post more after it's all done.

ok, back to work. to everyone who's fasting, have an easy and meaningful fast. talk to you all thursday night!


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