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i keep forgetting to tell people, but i've been invited to a formal interview at the university of arizona! super exciting, especially since arizona is somewhere between 1 and 3 on my list of places i'd like to be, depending on my mood. the only places i'd like more are possibly berkeley and possibly san diego, although arizona's program seems like a better fit than either of those. i haven't heard back from any other school yet, and it's not like arizona is taking me yet, but this is a great first step.


i will, really i will, write about new zealand in more detail. in the mean time, there are some pictures up here. we took about 600 pictures total, so the pictures in the album are just a small fraction. they're in chronoligical order and cover all the stuff we did...they're basically the highlights. so yeah. details to come, enjoy the photos for now.


david and i went to the symphony today, to see the moscow soloists in concert, and it was so cool! and they played 3 encore pieces! only russians ever play encores, i've noticed. well, and bands, but no non-russian symphony type performance generally has encores! much fun, and then we ate at max's opera cafe afterwards, and the waiters all sing and there was piano and stuff. so, nice evening.


i have enough miles for a free ticket to europe now! maybe i'll go this summer! hehe. just got back from a trip, and i'm already planning another one. silly elaine.

ok, off to bed. good night!
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hi again! just wanted to do another excited update...david and i are in a town called rotorua (which we're leaving tomorrow, but no matter) and so far, over the last 2 days, we've visited a maori village with geysers and mud pools, seen a maori cultural show, gotten massages at a sulhpur spa thing, zorbed (rolled down a hill in a giant plastic ball), seen a sheep show with 19 breeds of sheep, and toured a working organic farm. so much fun! and the day before rotorua, we visited matamata, where the hobbiton section of lord of the rings was filmed.

tomorrow, on to tongariro national forest, which was mordor in lord of the rings. weee!!!
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yesterday, i jumped off the auckland harbour bridge. that is all.
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david and i area back in aukland for a day after spending two days on paradise island, otherwise known as waiheke island. beautiful place, sunshine and greenery and super clean beaches and vineyards and olive oil groves. basically, perfect, other than the fact that new zealand is under an ozone hole and the burn time on the beach is 7 minutes. so, of course, despite the massive amounts of sunblock i used, i still ended up closely resembling a lobster, especially on my legs and upper back. better today, after lots of aloe, but still not so happy. all my fault, really, for not re-applying often enough.

we stayed at a wonderfully adorable b&b, completely surrounded by trees and bushes. we were served breakfast in the morning and afternoon tea at 3ish, and there was a spa pool (otherwise known as a hot tub, but they don't say that) and our room had its own balcony and it was lovely. super relaxing atmosphere, very friendly owners, just wonderful. literally a two minute walk to the beach, if you're walking slowly. about 5 minutes into the village, with yummy restaraunts and cute shops. we also took a vineyard tour and sampled really yummy wines. waiheke island is one of the premier wine growing regions in new zealand, and the wine was aesome! more flavorful than a lot of california wine, actually. and then we went olive oil tasting, so yummy! so yes, good few days. neither one of us wanted to leave.

now, we're off to climb the aukland harbour bridge! excitement!
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hi all! just wanted to do a quickie post from aukland, new zealand! it's awesomer here! and it's already 2007! hee. the weather is a little odd, with random bits of rain and sun, but we have rain jackets, so we're pretty much ok. the flight was long, but not too bad. our hotel is fine, new year's eve was awesome, and now we're off to visit penguins! woohoo!

more to come later, most likely in no great detail until we get back.


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