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never thought i'd say that i enjoyed cooking, but here we are. i'm feeling ever so pleased with myself: made chicken and potatoes, and fish with veggies. the best thing was that it was all very easy and straightforward! the chicken was by far the simplest: take chicken breasts, roll them in a little bit of oil mixed with garlic, dill, and lemon pepper (or whatever other spices you want), put it on foil and add a little more oil, wrap it up in the foil, and bake on 370 for 30 minutes or until it's white all the way through. then, unwrap the foil and bake for 4-5 minutes, turn the breasts over, and bake 4-5 minutes more, just to brown each side.

the potatoes were equally simple, if time consuming: take fingerling or baby potatoes, peel them (the most annoying part), then brown in a small pot or a deep pan with some oil, lots of garlic, and dill. yummy!

the fish was also pretty simple: take tillapia (or catfish, or sole, or any similar white fish), coat it with a thin layer of mayonnaise mixed with spices (garlic and lemon pepper is what i like) and put it on a deep, foil-covered sheet. add some oil, then put in thin onion rings or slices, carrots, broccoli, and canned diced tomatoes (i like the organic ones from trader joe's) with their juice. add a little water, maybe. cover with foil, stick in the oven at 370 for 20 minutes. take it out and check on it: if the veggies are pretty soft, uncover it and put it back in for 10-15 minutes. if they're still hard, cover it again for 10-15, then check again. voila!

so yes, the elaine cooking thing is odd, but i like it! if i make 2 dishes on sunday, i have lunch and dinner for the rest of the week, basically, with frozen stuff to supplement. it's great!
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i don't usually cook much...i can do stir-fry and pasta with pesto and a turkey pasta thing and a beef pasta thing (notice a theme?) and several other relatively simple dishes, but i don't have much variety in my repertoire and i tend to be too lazy to do anything that takes more than 40 minutes or so to deal with. i'll make curry sometimes, which takes longer, but i have to have planned for it in advance. today, david and i really felt like soup, so i pulled out my (never-before used) cookbook entitled "Cheap. Fast. Good!" with the terrible punctuations and all, and found a tortilla bean soup that sounded yummy. and it turned out great! we modified the recipe some, to better suit our bean and spice preferences. it turned out rather stew-like, which was fine but not entirely what we expected, but so yummy! and vegeterian, which is good since it's very cheesy and i'm trying to do the whole separate-meat-and-milk thing.

here's the recipe from the book, and our changes to it )


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