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first off, apologies to people whose comments i have yet to respond to. i simply don't have the brain power to write thoughtful answers, but i will, soon. it's been a long couple of weeks.

in other news, i'm in san diego! it's a little bittersweet, being here, because it makes me sad to not be a part of this world anymore. i have to keep reminding myself how much i love my life in the bay area. heh. thomas said, jokingly, that my problem is that i like too many people. it's true, i have so many people both in san diego and the bay area who i would happily spend a good portion of my time with. it's great to have such awesome friends, but it's also sad to have to be with only some of the people at any given time. still, i'm grateful to have this dilemna, instead of it being the other way around and not having the lovely friends.

so, despite the slight sadness, i love being here. i went to practice with the guys yesterday, and it was so great to see everyone! got loads of hugs from people i hadn't seen in months...felt very loved. then, i went to see harry potter, which i hadn't expected to do. i'll still see it with you after thanksgiving, cin, not to worry. i sat in the very front row, so it'll be nice to see it from a better viewing position. heh. but yes, it was enjoyable. the best part, for sure, was just hanging out with dancers. got back to the boys' place (where i'm staying) at around 3, so got about 4 hours of sleep last night. heh. just like being a student. today, had coffee with a prof from last year and now am catching up on internety things. i'm meeting several dancers at 1, then going to friday fun session to dance some more! yay! weekend promises to be completely awesome.

i think that's all for now. so thankful to have the friends here and in the bay area. despite a lot of family worries, life is really good.
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flying home today...that will be nice, but sad. i hate how i'm always leaving someone, no matter where i go. but that's ok.

yesterday, the guys got me and margo to go to the archery range. sca (society of creative anacronisms) does free archery things every tuesday and thursday. now that i think about it, i guess i kinda knew that, but i never knew where the range was and wasn't really interested enough to figure it all out. in any case, i went with the guys and it was super fun! i'd never shot anything before, so i was kinda intimidated, but there was a lady who went over all the safety things with us and picked out bows for us and taught us how to stand and hold the bow and all sorts of other useful things. i was amazed at the amount of power it had...i was afraid my arrows would all go 3 feet from me, but i actually hit the target a good amount of times, and hit the gold (the center) twice. of course, a lot of my shots hit the hay bale (or, worse, missed the hay bale entirely and i had to go fetch them from behind the bale!), but it was so cool, and such a good feeling to actually hit the target! and the range master was kinda cute and really flirty and decided he was gonna stand behind me and comment on my shots and that was fun, too. he even got margo and my arrows for us when they went all the way behind the bale. one of the other people asked him why he was behind the bale if he didn't shoot anything there, and i said, "oh, it's 'cause we suck and he pities us," laughing, and he said, "no, it's 'cause you're cute." heh. i like how that works.

so here i am, lounging around, passing time. i'm glad i got to come here for a couple of days. it's been pretty great and regardless of where i work, i definitely have to visit san diego and all my friends here very often.
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so i had my interview the other day, and it went well and everything...of course, i'm not gonna know for days. it's funny that everyone says, "oh, how'd it go?" and i really don't have an answer. all my interviews have gone well so far, in that i haven't felt horribly uncomfortable or like i don't know anything, or completely out of place...but i still don't have a job! so i don't really know what to say...how do i judge if an interview went well or not if i don't know the result? but that's ok.

having a good time staying with the boys...trevor showed me how to play prince of persia: sands of time and i discovered that it's a very addictive game. i remember playing the original, really old-school version years ago! so yes, lots of fun. it's been good to lounge and hang out with people. and i went to dance practice yesterday, so that was pretty awesome.

so, now i'm waiting on answers from two places, and then we'll see what happens after that.
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very quick update from san diego...i'm here, i'm staying at the boys' place, i'm happy. it's pretty awesome to be around this group again. it feels like i've been gone for far longer than two weeks, 'cause i was that excited to see them. i have my interview later today, but right now, i'm just hanging out at the appartment, reading my book and fiddling around on mark's computer. heh. all of the computers are in the living room, which isn't really a living room any longer but is like a gaming room. i love the boys.

ok, i'm gonna go shower and read some more and get ready for my interview. wish me luck!


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