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i'm randomly on a survey kick.

10 things you're looking forward to:
1. going dancing tonight
2. spotlight party this weekend
3. going to great america in september
4. decorating our place in sd
5. finishing massage school and being a certified masseuse
7. talking to bevan (i think he's back already!)
8. visiting sam in berkeley
9. paul mccartney concert in october
10. lunch

9 things you wear everyday
1. flip flops
2. pants
3. earrings
4. glasses
5. bra
6. undies
7. hair ties (except today since my hair is down)
8. shirt
9. watch

8 things that annoy you
1. ambiguous people (esp. guys)
2. hugs where people pat you on the back instead of really hugging
3. ditzy girls
4. arrogant dancers who think they're really good but aren't
5. my mom wanting me to clean my room every single day
6. people who are late without warning or a good reason
7. unreliable people
8. not being straight up

7 things you touch daily
1. comp mouse
2. glasses
3. hair
4. bed
5. eating utensils
6. keyboard
7. clothes

6 artists you've seen live
1. a band called JoJo...they were an alternative band that played at Renee's high school
2. random band named KGB
3. carlos santana
4. ethan hawke! hehe...at a book reading
5. does michael tilson thomas count?
6. ok, i give up...i will hopefully see paul mccartney, though...and the a*teens at great america

5 favorite songs of the moment
1. nickleback - how you remind me
2. chad kroeger and josie scott - hero
3. bonnie tyler - total eclipse of the heart
4. tracy chapman - fast car
5. rufus wainwright - hallelujah

4 people you spend the most time with
1. cindy
2. sam (if phone time counts)
3. dancers in general
4. massage people this summer

3 movies you could watch again and again
1. american beauty
2. fiddler on the roof
3. aladdin

2 things you could do everyday
1. dance
2. sleep

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
1. heh...like i'm going to answer that.

well, i better go and help my mom with rachel...she's a doll, but a very energetic one.
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