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i keep forgetting to tell people, but i've been invited to a formal interview at the university of arizona! super exciting, especially since arizona is somewhere between 1 and 3 on my list of places i'd like to be, depending on my mood. the only places i'd like more are possibly berkeley and possibly san diego, although arizona's program seems like a better fit than either of those. i haven't heard back from any other school yet, and it's not like arizona is taking me yet, but this is a great first step.


i will, really i will, write about new zealand in more detail. in the mean time, there are some pictures up here. we took about 600 pictures total, so the pictures in the album are just a small fraction. they're in chronoligical order and cover all the stuff we did...they're basically the highlights. so yeah. details to come, enjoy the photos for now.


david and i went to the symphony today, to see the moscow soloists in concert, and it was so cool! and they played 3 encore pieces! only russians ever play encores, i've noticed. well, and bands, but no non-russian symphony type performance generally has encores! much fun, and then we ate at max's opera cafe afterwards, and the waiters all sing and there was piano and stuff. so, nice evening.


i have enough miles for a free ticket to europe now! maybe i'll go this summer! hehe. just got back from a trip, and i'm already planning another one. silly elaine.

ok, off to bed. good night!
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so, the stupid boot i've been wearing for a month and a half is finally gone! weee! i can even wear matching shoes now! i'm quite glad i don't have to deal with it anymore, because taking it to new zealand was not an appealing prospect.


i will continue my year in review thing, i just need to have more than 10 minutes of free time in front of a computer, plus the energy to do it. i was reminded of how up and down this past year was when i did the first part, and continuing the post requires more mental energy than i've had. hopefully, i'll find some time this weekend, especially since it's a long weekend.


super excited about my weekend plans! tomorrow, cindy, emily (cindy's sister) and i are gonna go to the castro theater for a screening of the entire lord of the rings trilogy! it'll be so much fun! and also silly, but perfect for us. the first movie starts at 1:30pm and the whole thing should be over around midnight. happy times! and then on sunday, i get to play a real-life version of online room escape games! heh. i was really obsessed with this genre of games for a while, so now, the boy is making me one as an early new year's gift! i don't know anything about it, except its existence, so i'm really looking forward to playing it. he's so amazingly organized about it...and so amazingly dorky! hehe. *loves*


finally got our hotel and flight confirmations from travel dude. gah. but they're here, and even correct, and it's so exciting! one more week to go! this time next week, i'll be in the airport, waiting to depart. if anyone wants a postcard, you should tell me so. i'll screen comments on this post, so if you want, you can leave your address and no one but me will be able to see it.

ok, off to shower and light candles for the last night of hanukkah. i'm sure i'll post again before new year's, but for those of you who celebrate christmas, have a great weekend and a merry christmas.
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my schedule for the next 2.5 weeks: dancing tonight, help with corey move saturday, babysit sunday, evening work tuesday and wednesday, host bab5 thursday, wedding saturday, alice's summerthing or day trip to david's parents' cabin sunday, evening work monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, go to older niece's birthday thing between stuff on friday, drive to oregon saturday. if i go insane, you'll know why. at least i have the oregon trip to look forward to. oh, and the week during which i'm working EVERY evening? also grant submission hell week, which means i'll be working full 8 hour days in addition to the evenings. good times.


in other work news, yesterday was the most miserable evening i've had since the horrible grumpy subject, and this time it was because of the nurses and not the subject. that, and the fact that i was there for nearly 3 hours, which for the third night of the study is 1.5 to 2 hours longer than normal. man, our poor guy. if i was that miserable, i can only imagine how he was feeling.


tired and sleepy and pretty busy still. but i'm wearing one of the boy's shirts, and that's making me happy. but i'm craving chocolate. must go get some. yes.


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