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quick entry because i'm kinda swamped at work (and hence here at the ungodly hour of 8am, trying to do stuff before people arrive and i have to deal with them.) also, i owe several people responses to comments and emails...i'm not ignoring you, i promise, i simply don't have the time to give the response the thought it deserves.

so, life's good, like's it's been. v. grateful for the extended period of happiness. saturday was david's birthday, so i organized a minor great america outing...much fun, except for the waiting in hugely long lines bit. and there was an indian festival that day (diwali), so there were booths with indian food and we didn't have to eat food court food! so that was happy. sunday had lunch with parents, then watched interview with the vampire. i'd forgotten how bizzare and gory that movie can get, but i still like it. it made the 13-year-old me have a crush on brad pitt! and then yesterday, it was gross and rainy and i was stressed out from work...so when i got home (at 7 or so, since i went to my parents' place first), i decided that really, what i needed was a bath. so i drew myself a bath, with bubbles and all (warm vanilla sugar, from bath and body, for risk of sounding like a commercial) and put on music and lounged in the bath reading a book. and then got in my pjs at like 8pm and sat around reading and watching tv and drinking tea for the rest of the evening. it was so nice to just chill like that. i mean, i love being social and hanging out with large groups, and i've had lots of fun these last couple of months hanging out with the boy during most of my free time, but sometimes it's nice to have not just down time, but down time when i'm alone. so yes. good times, and now back to work.


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