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...but now i'm not sure. i had an interview that went fairly well, but all my interviews have gone well, and do i have a job yet? clearly not. and then i went folk dancing this evening, and somehow that didn't go very well. it wasn't that it went badly or anything, because i was really glad to see tali and kevin and emily and ella and just hang out with them, but i was having a low self-esteem sort of evening, and that's not good for dancing. in fact, when i don't know most of the dances, and there were couples dances more than half the time, self-esteem tends to take a nosedive regardless of where it started. and this evening it was already low, so maybe going folk dancing was not the best plan. but i wanted to see people! and i did, so at least that was good.

so san diego folk, i'm gonna be there from sunday night to wednesday night! we should all hang out! i'll call people individually, i'm sure, but if you're reading this and you're in san diego, keep some time open so i can see you! i'm gonna be busy monday afternoon, but the rest of the time, i'm open for whatever.

i'm feeling super whiny, so i'm gonna post this and stop writing before it all comes out in the journal. sorry, guys. random bad mood. but i love all my friends, and that makes me happier. off to bed, i guess.


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