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my schedule for the next 2.5 weeks: dancing tonight, help with corey move saturday, babysit sunday, evening work tuesday and wednesday, host bab5 thursday, wedding saturday, alice's summerthing or day trip to david's parents' cabin sunday, evening work monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, go to older niece's birthday thing between stuff on friday, drive to oregon saturday. if i go insane, you'll know why. at least i have the oregon trip to look forward to. oh, and the week during which i'm working EVERY evening? also grant submission hell week, which means i'll be working full 8 hour days in addition to the evenings. good times.


in other work news, yesterday was the most miserable evening i've had since the horrible grumpy subject, and this time it was because of the nurses and not the subject. that, and the fact that i was there for nearly 3 hours, which for the third night of the study is 1.5 to 2 hours longer than normal. man, our poor guy. if i was that miserable, i can only imagine how he was feeling.


tired and sleepy and pretty busy still. but i'm wearing one of the boy's shirts, and that's making me happy. but i'm craving chocolate. must go get some. yes.
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got a really good pep talk from my supervisor today...she's such a psychology person, in the best way. really knows how to be motivating without being over-the-top about it. i was feeling a little discouraged about work, since recruitment is being annoying and there are lots of little things that keep going wrong...and i know that it's to be expected, and these things kinda work themselves out, but it was bringing both me and the study coordinator down. and so our supervisor, who's the senior manager on all this, sat us down and talked to us and we were both re-energized and much happier about it all. so that's good.

setup yesterday went very late, 'cause the subject came to the hospital an hour and a half late. blah. today should be better, though, but i'm still missing dance. for the third week in a row. meh. annoyance, but what can i do?

went to the exploratorium with a whole lot of techie people on sunday, which was pretty awesome. it was quite amusing to watch them get engrossed by minute details of exhibits. much fun. sunday was also the birthday brunch for my little niece! she's such a doll! my sister and her husband dressed the baby up in a puffy little dress and put a bow on her head, and it was highly adorable. my older niece had a good time, too, and looked so pretty! so a good day.

saturday was mad cleaning day, because my parents visited my appartment. heh. but it went ok, and we went out to a nice dinner and all.

grandpa update: he varies from day to day. he's still in the rehab place, and some days he's better and some days he's worse. he's swallowing now, so we can feed him, but his parkinson's is giving him a lot of issues and he's pretty confused about stuff. but i'm trying to be hopeful, even when it's difficult.

everything's good with the boy, which makes me happy. it's nice to feel things getting more and more comfortable, you know? i'm excited for him with his job stuff, and just excited in general. good times.

on a random note, i really want to start an anonymous blog (meaning, not associated with me at all) and see if i can get readership on it, as a kind of experiment. i may even do it. heh. it just seems like it would be fun. i mean, how do anonymous bloggers get readers? it's easier on lj, with the communities and all. you can comment or post in a community, and people find out who you are, but how do you do it on a site like blogger, that doesn't have the same community feature? in any case, i might give it a try, branch away from lj a bit. we'll see.

ok, that's all...back to work.
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eee!!! my boss has just submitted an abstract to a sleep meeting, and i'm one of the co-authors on it! excitement!!!
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i dreamt the other day that i could be happy with 4 hours of sleep each day. how awesome would that be? man, the things i could do if i was perfectly rested after 4 hours of sleep! that's not only extra waking hours, it's also more productive waking hours, since i wouldn't be sleep deprived!

in other news, life is insane. i'm still super busy, spending full days at work and just barely keeping up with all the stuff that's coming my way. it's not a bad thing entirely, since it means that we have lots of subjects coming in for the study, but it's utterly nuts. i've been home for very short stretches of time, other than to sleep. it's funny...when i'm stressed or moody, sleep is such a great thing 'cause it gives me a break...but when i'm happy and life is good, sleep just gets in my way. i feel like it's such a waste of my time, i have so many better things to do. heh. it's nice to just sleep in every once in a while, though. i haven't even gotten to do that on the weekends, recently, 'cause there's always something to do.

i still haven't gotten any of my holiday shopping done. there's just been no time! i'll take some time off during the week between christmas and new year's, maybe, and do it then.

does anyone have cool new year's plans? i want to do something, but i don't know what! new year's is my favorite holiday, so i must party! heh. i usually host, but my place isn't big enough for anything this year, and my parents are hosting at their place, so i can't relocate to there. if anyone wants to volunteer a place, i don't mind organizing!
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so apparently, one of my niches in bab5 is to be a head scratcher. i don't know if i can properly explain how much i love this. it makes me crave massage classes, the giving part. don't get me wrong, i love getting massages as much as (if not more than) your average person, but there's something so intensely satisfying about making things better through touch. don't know if that makes any sense, really, but i'm just so very happy about it. what can i say, life is good.

in other news, david and i might go ice skating today, which i haven't done in years! not since high school, as far as i can remember! excitement.

also, my life is very insane right now, so i apologize if i'm not super in touch with people. it's been really busy at work, and it's gonna get busier still. i love the fact that i'm doing so many different things, but sometimes, there's just not enough time to do everything that has to get done! i'm leaving an hour early today, and i'm still several hours over for the week.

more thoughts later, if i have time.
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work has been mildly crazy lately, but at least we have some subjects coming in next week. hopefully, unlike yesterday's no-show, they'll actually be here. meh.

on a happy note, bab5 yesterday was awesome, as usual. i came in really stressed out from work and plopped myself down on the foof. within a couple of minutes, i was joined by [livejournal.com profile] zestyping, who's always very sweetly cuddly, and then by david, [livejournal.com profile] kragen and [livejournal.com profile] owens888. so it was a very lovely cuddle pile, and [livejournal.com profile] paisleychick took a picture (that i really want to see!) and life was good. and then, later, david acquired a pink plastic snake that someone had bent into the shape of a heart and put it on top of me, and hence the subject of the post. so, if you ever wondered if there was a good reason to have a plastic snake on your head, the fact that it's pink, heart-shaped, and placed there by the boy is a very good reason. heh.

oh, and also? i was eating dove dark promises (cindy! remember the corny sayings?) and now, instead of corny sayings, they have fortune-style "advice." the two i ate said, respectively, "don't think so much about it" and "flirting is mandatory." hehe. much amusement, plus funny timing, in terms of my last post. i like funny coincidences. they're entertaining.

ok, back to work and cleaning data.
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so i have my lunch break right now...and i was doing random internet-y things and stumbled upon nanowrimo, which i knew about, but hadn't actually signed up for. i've been thinking about it pretty much every year of college, but just never made a decision. but now i have! so between november 1st and 30th, i will attempt to write 50000 words of something. the question, of course, is what...but no matter, i have a couple of weeks to decide! we'll see if anything comes of it, but at least i've signed up! suggestions for topics are always welcome!

in other news, work is good. i realize i haven't written about it for a while, but that's 'cause it's not that exciting. it's still good, though. i like the people, i'm doing interesting things most of the time, and i'm learning new stuff. happiness.

i really hope someone claims bab5 hosting before i leave work today, 'cause otherwise i won't find out about it until like 8:30 or so tomorrow, after i get back from services and the break-the-fast, which i may or may not actually stay for, depending on how comfortable i feel with the people. but no matter, i'm sure it'll figure itself out one way or another.

i'm actually looking forward to yom kippur, since it's a really good time for reflection. this year has been awesome for me, but there's a lot of room for growth, and it's good to think about that. i'm sure i'll post more after it's all done.

ok, back to work. to everyone who's fasting, have an easy and meaningful fast. talk to you all thursday night!


Aug. 30th, 2005 02:14 pm
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just got a tetanus booster shot (i thought those were only for kids, but no, you're supposed to get them every 10 years) and my arm is already getting sore! the nurse said it would last for 2 or 3 days! *whines* but it's not too bad, i'm just being silly. back to work now.
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you know what? gerard (my office mate) said to me today, "maryann and i thought for sure you would turn down this job!" and when i asked why, since it sounded like such an awesome job, he said, "well, usually, you don't get your first-choice applicant." and i grinned like an idiot. heh.


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