Mar. 10th, 2006 01:46 pm
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elaine is tired.  not enough sleep, although i'm glad i went to bab5 yesterday.  it was nice to hang out with people, chat, and just lay around on a foof chair and be cuddled.  lots of head-scritching and general hugginess.  yay.  but then i had to get up super early today to deal with car stuff, and that was unhappy...both in the getting up early and in the actual dealing with it part.  not a fan of mechanics, especially ones who patronize me.  blah.  must bring my dad with me next time or something.  and now it's more hassle to deal with it all...rent a car, leave my car at shop, figure out insurance stuff.  meh.

on the bright side, my supervisor is going to talk to my pi (principal investigator) today and find a data set for me to present at a conference in november...the deadline for abstract submission is in 3 weeks, so i need to get started now.  yay!  exciting stuff!

ok, back to work.  thank goodness for weekend coming up.
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off to davis for the day, to visit consultant person. will respond to comments and emails later tonight, i hope! feeling better than yesterday, though nothing has actually been resolved. love you guys for being awesome and supportive! bye!!!!
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when i went to the (very weird) VA giftshop that sells candy in little sealed ziplock-style bags, the lady who works there was slicing an apple for herself. after some small talk, she offered me a slice. it was one of those completely random, really sweet things to have done. yes.

in other news, weekend was vaguely nuts with family stuff, but now grandpa is back home! woohoo! he's still fuzzy, but there's hope that being at home will make that better. so yay.

had sleep setups at 10pm friday, saturday, and sunday...this was sad, but that's ok. more setups this week, thursday, friday, and saturday. at least i'm not working tomorrow. work is fun, though quite busy.

it's funny reading my friends' ljs...everyone is apologizing for being not social enough and too happy being couple-y, if there's such a thing as being too happy. i kinda feel the same way...it's a nice feeling, although i do need to get myself out and about more. i did go to bab5 last week, but it won't happen this week probably, because of work stuff. but yeah, life's good.
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haven't updated in a little bit, and haven't commented on several posts that i wanted to comment on. sorry about that. i haven't had dsl at home due to unknown issues (which will hopefully become known as soon as i get my act together and call), so my internet access is limited to work and david's...and most of the time, i have better things to do at those places than update my lj, with the present moment being an exception since it is my lunch break.

so, work, which i've been very positive about in general, has been really frustrating the last couple of days. this is nobody's fault, really...the problem is, our equipment is all very buggy and i've spend way more time than i want to troubleshooting various things, none of which have, as of yet, resolved themselves. so that's annoying. today we've already had recorder problems, battery problems, and actigraph problems. and my supervisor broke a battery (as in, physically cracked a 9V battery) when she attempted to use pliers to get it out of the recorder, where it was stuck. good times. she said to me, laughing, "aren't you glad it was me who broke it and not you?" at least we're laughing at all of it, right? but in happier news, our first subject is due to arrive in about an hour! yay!

ok, i'm off to finish things up before subject gets here. silly equipment, but that's ok. and bab5 tonight! happy!


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