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A very brief post to tell you all that I now have a crackberry! It's pink and properly girly, and I love it! Weeeee!
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the album is incomplete, since cin has a bunch more pictures, but here are some photos from our trip a few months ago!

here they are!
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i didn't realize quite how much i missed ballroom dancing until tonight, at peter's (my old dance coach) studio, when i got to dance with some of the people i used to spend all my free time with. i miss them, and i miss the dancing, and it's all a little bittersweet. meep.
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quote from student:

"It is used when experimenters want to examine/analyze the cause of a cause. When the want to find what cause it & what caused the caused. A way to look at the steps that lead to a the cause which can lead to the way."

this was hand-written, and i've left all words and typos in. it doesn't even matter what question this was supposed to be answering, since it doesn't answer anything! i kinda like the conclusion, though. it can lead to the way! philosophically deep! it probably didn't help this child's score that i was grading at 2am...
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for all that i wasn't too excited going in to the election, i'm happy to have been a part of it. this is a pretty amazing thing, and i'm willing to suspend my misgivings for the moment and hope that obama can prove me wrong. i'm very unhappy about how prop 8 is going, and can only hope that it somehow changes over night. still, i'm feeling positive overall.

however, i've learned my lesson. in the future, when i rant, i will either lock comments or filter my posts so as to avoid situations in which i ask people to back off and then they don't. i'm still angry, and trying to avoid swearing.


Nov. 4th, 2008 07:52 pm
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i don't need to have the last word.
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i've refrained from ranting (here, at least) about things for most of this election season. why did i start up today? dunno. oops. probably should've just kept my mouth shut for one more day.
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i'm not exceptionally political. for the majority of this election season, my feelings have been of annoyance and anger, with only mild moments of positives. i'm not a huge fan of obama, i like mccain even less, i hate palin, and i have no opinion on biden. but today, seeing the grinning people at my polling place, and the grinning people with the "i voted" sticker on campus, and hearing about record turnout and voter patience in the face of long lines and glitches, i'm happy to be a part of it. this is probably silly and sentimental, but it's a big day, whether i like any of the candidates or not, and i'm glad to have participated.

also, i was happy to vote no on AZ's version of the gay marriage amendment, prop 102. i have no idea how it's doing in the polls, though. i sincerely hope it fails, but the thing i'm really worried about is prop 8 in CA.
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i will be glad when the elections are done. still, it boggles the mind that so many people are supporting prop 8 in CA. i have such a hard time figuring out why, other than baseless hatred, this is any sort of issue.

ETA: there are certainly people who don't vote yes on prop 8 due to outright hatred. however, the end result is the same. is the intent more important than the outcome? i don't think so.
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reposted from [livejournal.com profile] leora

1. Go here and choose any TWO of the 2/$44 bras.*
2. NEXT, go here and select ONE panty in white, ivory, buff, pink, or black (cotton). ONLY THESE COLORS (in cotton) WILL WORK.
3. NEXT, go to your shopping bag and ticky the box for offer codes. You'll go through a few intermediary pages before coming to the page to enter your offer codes. Fill out those pages...
4. FINALLY, enter these three offer codes:
FA814857 for a free bag with a $50 purchase
FA813789 for $10 off any bra
25PTY for $25 off any two bras, and a free panty

Your total after taxes and shipping will be around $20.

*Note: You can alternately select two bras from here at 2/$40, but you'll need to add a filler item to get to the $50. Order an extra panty or find something in the clearance section.

for me, the total, with taxes and shipping, came to $19.45. that's hard to beat.

ETA: It seems like the free bag offer is no longer working, but the 2nd and 3rd offers, for $ off bras, are still good.
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let's have another bad-good-random list, shall we? it's a good way to summarize my life.

yay, a list! )
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brief update: dad is feeling better, i didn't have to drive to sf. my back is feeling better, as well. didn't get an x-ray, since it felt significantly better by monday, and i was pretty sure i hadn't injured a rib or a kidney. it still hurts to do much more than walking or laying down, but sitting is less bad, and it bugs me much less overall.

on a positive note, i cooked for my friends yesterday (turkey things, like chicken things that cin knows and loves but with turkey, and potatoes with dill and garlic) and everything was yummy! success!
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this short weekend trip to LA, which wasn't gonna be so much fun anyways (going to someone's memorial is a rather somber affair), is turning out decidedly NOT FUN. so, the plan was for my parents to drive down and pick me up at the airport, then drive to a family friend's house to spend the night, attend the memorial tomorrow, drive me to the airport tomorrow night, and drive back up to sf on monday. their drive down was fine -- quick and uneventful. my flight was also fine, pretty turbulence-free, and i didn't even take a xanax. however, in the 10 minutes between landing (when i spoke to my parents and all was well) and when i found them at the airport, it was determined that my dad had a high fever, probably in the vicinity of 40C (104F). this, as you might imagine, changed our plans a bit. our family friends went to a motel a block from their house and reserved us a room so that we wouldn't infect them or their elderly mother, and i got behind the wheel, very glad that i hadn't taken that xanax after all.

got there ok, met up with the friends at the motel (they brought us food and medicine and such so we wouldn't have to go out) and went to park the car. parking lot was one of the most ridiculous lots i've ever seen and my dad, feeling better after having a tylenol, parked the car since i'm not good at backing into tight spaces. i went around to the back to get luggage out, tripped on a curb of sorts, and went sprawling backwards, pretty much directly into a fire hydrant. couldn't speak for a few moments after the impact, having the wind knocked out of me. got up, went to our room, looked at the scrape and developing bruise in the mirror, and got super shaky. meep. went to family friends' house so she could help me disinfect my back and bandage it up. not fun, since the peroxide and the general touching made the whole thing burn, but that's ok. the worst part is now. the surface doesn't hurt much anymore, but walking is painful, moving is painful, sitting incorrectly is painful, and i'm terrified that i broke a rib (which seems unlikely) or hurt a kidney (which also seems unlikely but more possible) or something. i will have to get an xray when i get home.

on top of all of this, we're not sure what exactly is going on with my dad, and my mom is terrified of driving on freeways. if he's not suddenly better tomorrow (which appears unlikely), we're gonna have to think about how they'll get home. it's possible that i will cancel my flight, drive them home, and fly back from sf, missing monday's classes. this wouldn't be the end of the world, but still, not something i necessarily want to do.

so, meep. send hugs!
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I was reading about the Hadron Collider and stumbled upon a wikipedia article on particles called strangelets. There are many things that amused me in that article, but the best section was one titled, dramatically, "Dangers." The first paragraph reads:

"If the strange matter hypothesis is correct and a strangelet comes in contact with a lump of ordinary matter such as Earth, it could convert the ordinary matter to strange matter. This "ice-nine" disaster scenario is as follows: one strangelet hits a nucleus, catalyzing its immediate conversion to strange matter. This liberates energy, producing a larger, more stable strangelet, which in turn hits another nucleus, catalyzing its conversion to strange matter. In the end, all the nuclei of all the atoms of Earth are converted, and Earth is reduced to a hot, large lump of strange matter."

Rest assured, however -- we don't know if the strange matter hypothesis is actually correct, and evidence is leaning towards not. Still, I giggled for a little while, especially at the fact that the Earth might be reduced to a hot large lump of strange matter.

oh, dear

Aug. 16th, 2008 03:07 am
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NY times caption of photo of michael phelps, right before the finish to that amazing race: "Michael Phelps, in lane five, takes his last breath as he hits the wall for his 7th gold medal in Beijing."

his last breath? honestly, now, folks, do we not know what that usually means? silliness.
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yes, it is in fact 4:20am. this is because thunderstorms knocked out power in (apparently) many parts of tucson this evening, and my complex didn't have electricity from about 8:30 to about 2:00am. this was rather inconvenient, given that i wanted to watch swimming and the men's gymnastics all-around competition. so, the logical solution was to go to bed, be awoken by all the lights turning on at 2 (oops!), and get up to watch nbc's primetime replay, amusingly brought to us by ambien cr (a sleep medication).

i have many thoughts about the games themselves, most of them too hyper or too whiny or too pedestrian to want to write down, so i will instead share more amusing quotes from the NY Times, which has become my main source for articles about the olympics.

this entire article, about the completely amazing and sometimes distressing bodies of the olympic athletes is pretty great throughout, but several parts made me actually giggle out loud:

"Here are the gnomish female gymnasts, seemingly more compact than ever, more muscularly developed and yet at the same time troublingly arrested, to judge from the lack of secondary sexual characteristics like breasts.

Here is Dara Torres, the 41-year-old swimmer with the blister-pack abs and the padded deltoids, her stupendous physique attained, she says, through Herculean training, and now unquestionably resembling that of a cover boy for Men’s Health."

"Even in the classical world, the range of forms at the Games was broad enough to encompass lean bodies suited to running, wiry wrestlers with bantam bodies, refrigerator-size hulks capable of feats like lifting a young ox (and then consuming it later: certain athletes at the ancient Games gained laurels, while others won all they could eat). A mosaic floor in a fourth-century villa at the Piazza Armerina in Sicily depicts three female athletes playing some sort of ball game and wearing bandeau bikinis. One of them looks distinctly like that Diana of beach volleyball, Kerri Walsh."

"What the Games also frankly accommodate is a taste for the spectacle of straining young bodies, an appeal that was not lost on the ancients. The crowds at the early Games, according to the historian Nigel Spivey, were as excited by the “boys with slim waists, broad shoulders, neatly proud buttocks and springy thighs” as they were by the lofty ideal of the Games."

oh, dear. springy thighs? neatly proud buttocks? what does that actually mean, and do i really want to know? i'm sad though, that while the article briefly mentioned michael phelps, it didn't really talk about male swimmers who, to me, have the ideal male body type. also, cin, this picture (from the accompanying slide show) is for you. :)

this article about china winning all the diving golds thus far isn't really funny in and of itself. however, i find it fairly awesome that the picture accompanying it is not, in fact, of divers, but of tennis player roger federer. huh? this may be corrected, so sorry if it's not funny by the time some of you read it, but i'm very entertained.

ok, it is time to actually sleep. man, i'm on a weird schedule these days!
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the olympics are here, which means i'm watching pretty much all evening, at least while swimming, diving, and gymnastics are on. by the end of the games, this will probably be more tv then i've watched in 4 years, since the last summer olympics, since winter olympics don't attract me in quite the same way.

i have no cable, so everything varies from a little fuzzy to annoyingly fuzzy, depending on some random behavior of the bunny ears. i'm also watching a lot of video from nbc. yes, i've downloaded the stupid plug-in from microsoft. i will uninstall it when the games are done, but really, whatever. i could go on a very long rant about nbc and the olympic coverage. however, i'm gonna choose to enjoy the games and that means not ranting too much, lest it spoil my own fun.

so, instead of ranting, let me share with you some entertaining quotes i've found in some of the many olympics-related articles i've been obsessively reading.

from an NY Times article about how much Beijing has been cleaned up:
"People have been urged to quit smoking and spitting, and to adopt the Western custom of standing in line for a bus, instead of jostling."

"...nor were they [the government] able to make good on their promise to teach all the cabdrivers basic English."

"Traffic has been cut in half by allowing only cars with license plates ending in an even number to drive one day, and cars with odd-numbered plates the next."

hee. i'm really a fan of the traffic-reduction strategy. not sure why i was so amused by this, but it just made me giggle.

from the same article:
"At the Tianhua Primary School in Beijing, for example, the students were becoming experts on Botswana; they knew that the people ate corn and that their favorite animal was the bull. Some were learning how to cheer — it is a good thing to applaud when the Botswanans play well, but not when the other team stumbles — and to sing Botswana’s national anthem."

i didn't know the botswanan favorite animal is a bull! that's very random.

from another article about Michael Phelps:
"He is the reason NBC strong-armed the hosts into running swimming finals at the bizarre hour of 10 a.m. local time, to satisfy the prime-time audiences in America, Phelps’s home country."

heh. yeah, that did seem a little odd, and it's both entertaining and distressing.

another swimming article
"But Kitajima, the expressive son of a butcher, once again won the race that mattered most..."

the expressive son of a butcher? really? that's exceedingly random.

all right, more to come, i'm sure. i'm slightly obsessed with the games.
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i'm keenly aware today of how much i both love and hate the fact that i have several friends who i will forever have a small crush on. love, because it's great to know such awesome people, and it's somewhat comforting to know guys like them do, in fact exist. hate, because, well, it's annoying, given that i'm not dating any of them. heh.

this entry brought to you by the letters S, O, R, and D and the number 1.
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back in san francisco, hooray! i love traveling, but it's nice to be home, too, especially after being in transit for insane amounts of time. i have so many stories and pictures, but no energy to deal with any of it yet. let me share a story about israel to tide you over.

cin and i spent a day and a half in jerusalem, staying at the house of relatively random people who my parents met a year ago on their trip in norway. getting to jerusalem was an adventure. we borrowed my aunt's car and gps, which was great, except the maps on the gps are about 2 years old, which in israel is really outdated, given that there's basically permanent construction. we eventually made it to the people's house (with a few phone calls to them and some moments of panic on the part of both us and the gps). on the way back to tel aviv (i'll post more about jerusalem itself later), we asked the people for the best way to get to the freeway, since getting from the freeway to their house was such a problem. they told us about this brand new overpass thing and told us how to get there, and to ignore our gps until we were on the freeway. we turned it on, anyways, but were prepared to not listen to it. now, when the gps got confused, it would think about things for a few moments and then say, somewhat annoyed, "route recalculation" and rethink things. this time, though, when we got onto the overpass, the gps got very quiet, and, after a minute or so, said to us, "make u-turn where possible!" hee! and then it gave up on us entirely, assumed we were either driving through a forest or flying, showed our location in the middle of nowhere on its map, and sulked in silence until we got to a stretch of freeway it recognized, at which point it ordered us, with some relief, to drive 37 km. we'd never had id tell us to make a u-turn before! it was just so confused and offended, the poor thing!

anyhow, i'm off to...i dunno, read or something, since i'm pretty lethargic. i'm in sf 'till the 14th, so hopefully, i'll get to see lots of you before i go back to tucson! more posts and a ton of pictures to come soon!
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Cin and I are back in athens, after s lovely few days on gorgeous Santorini! It's a beautiful island, with very blue water, gorgeous cliff views, black-sand (or, really, black-pebble) beaches, and lots of antiquities. Cin and I spent our only full day there on the beach, bobbing around in the rather strong waves and laying under an umbrella, reading. We also spent a lot of time wandering about Fira, poking around the shops, taking in the views, and eating yummy Greek food. Best lamb ever! Also, best baklava ever. Yum! Yesterday, we had a half-day before our boat, so we went to the small and very informative museum of prehistoric Thera (another name for Santorini), then took a bus to Akrotiri. Sadly, the excavations have been closed for a few years since something collapsed and killed a visitor, so the only thing left to do was to hike, in our sandals and skirts, to the Red Beach. A bit of an adventure, but we seem to have made it ok! Then, we got back to Fira and immediately hopped on a bus to the Volcan Wine Museum, a really cool little museum on wine-making on Santorini. There was an audio tour and some entertaining robotic figures, and we got to taste yummy wines! I even bought a bottle to take back -- relatively inexpensive, yummy white wine! Then we went back to Fira and were taken to the ferry, where I, miraculously, didn't get sea-sick, despite how terribly rocky it was for some of the time.

Today, we discovered that we lost our guide book at some point yesterday -- not sure when or where, we had it on Santorini, so it got lost between then and now. Made a little trip in search of a new one, which was frustrating but successful in the end. Eventually, we made our way to the National Archaeological Museum, which has all sorts of cool, excavated stuff -- very cool, though we were somewhat overwhelmed by the end. Vases and statues of various gods and humans are very cool, but after 10 rooms of each, they all start to look the same. Still, pretty awesome.

Tomorrow, we're off to Delphi for the day, and then we fly to Israel at 2am! Meep! Should be a fun day, though!


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