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let's have another bad-good-random list, shall we? it's a good way to summarize my life.

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cin, you may or may not care at all, but i was rereading my lj from sophomore year and how we spent lots of time on lordoftherings.net trying to hear orlando bloom say "hi, this is orlando bloom, welcome to lordoftherings.net" and i went on the site and it still has the same thing! and i can still imitate half of them! meep! i really want to call you, but it's, somewhat unfortunately, approximately midnight in california.
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never thought i'd say that i enjoyed cooking, but here we are. i'm feeling ever so pleased with myself: made chicken and potatoes, and fish with veggies. the best thing was that it was all very easy and straightforward! the chicken was by far the simplest: take chicken breasts, roll them in a little bit of oil mixed with garlic, dill, and lemon pepper (or whatever other spices you want), put it on foil and add a little more oil, wrap it up in the foil, and bake on 370 for 30 minutes or until it's white all the way through. then, unwrap the foil and bake for 4-5 minutes, turn the breasts over, and bake 4-5 minutes more, just to brown each side.

the potatoes were equally simple, if time consuming: take fingerling or baby potatoes, peel them (the most annoying part), then brown in a small pot or a deep pan with some oil, lots of garlic, and dill. yummy!

the fish was also pretty simple: take tillapia (or catfish, or sole, or any similar white fish), coat it with a thin layer of mayonnaise mixed with spices (garlic and lemon pepper is what i like) and put it on a deep, foil-covered sheet. add some oil, then put in thin onion rings or slices, carrots, broccoli, and canned diced tomatoes (i like the organic ones from trader joe's) with their juice. add a little water, maybe. cover with foil, stick in the oven at 370 for 20 minutes. take it out and check on it: if the veggies are pretty soft, uncover it and put it back in for 10-15 minutes. if they're still hard, cover it again for 10-15, then check again. voila!

so yes, the elaine cooking thing is odd, but i like it! if i make 2 dishes on sunday, i have lunch and dinner for the rest of the week, basically, with frozen stuff to supplement. it's great!
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things are off to a good start. i've had one class and one required but non-credit brownbag thing, and they've been good. the class is the assessment one, and it sounds super interesting, if hard. and i bought a DSM-IV-TR for it, so i felt all official and psychologist-y (if you don't know, it's the diagnostic and statistical manual, version 4, text-revised, and it's the psychologist's bible)! so that was cool. the brownbag is a lunch hour series where faculty come to talk to the clinical first years and tell us about their research and such, and that wasn't that interesting today since it was mostly logistics, but it sounds like it should be good.

more classes tomorrow and thursday, and then there's a hillel grad student social on friday which i'm going to make myself go to, even if i'm a little intimidated. and i'll stay for shabbat services, too. and the ballroom dance club starts next week on monday, and it sounds great! they have lessons on mondays, and semi-structured practice on wednesdays, and social dancing on thursdays. and they go out to salsa things and other dances, and to comps, and it sounds pretty awesome! so yay for things to come.

oh, and tomorrow, i have a meeting with two profs (my advisor and one other person) to talk about the data i will be working with that might result in a paper! weee!!!
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i have a new laptop! weeee! i've never owned a laptop before, so this is hugely exciting. it's pretty great...small but not too tiny to read things, and pretty fast and has a good battery life, as far as i can tell. somewhat nfortunatley, it's running vista, but i couldn't find a laptop i wanted with just xp. ah, well. it's very happy nonetheless.

in a few weeks, i'm going to tucson with my parents to look at condos! yay! i can't wait to have my own place. that's gonna be pretty amazing. and i may possibly get a kitty or two.

i'm trying out the open beta of the new lord of the rings mmorpg. i've never played anything like this before, so i'm not sure how to meet other players or anything like that, but it seems pretty cool so far. my graphics card isn't the greatest, but it's handling most things ok. and my character is great! she's an elven hunter named ithilwen, which means moon as far as i can tell. it's pretty great.

i'm about due for a long, reflective post, but it's not this post (aragorn: but it is not this day! this day we fight!). maybe in a few days? i'm spending a lot more time on the computer, with the laptop and all. hee.

i've written down a list of things i want to do before i move, and one of them is to have a lord of the rings marathon. what do people think about that?

ok, enough randomness. time to make dinner.
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i'm fairly anxious about moving to tucson this summer, so i'm trying to concentrate on the positives. and there are lots! so i was thinking i'd list them here, to look at when i'm too stressed out about the whole process.

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so yes, happiness. i just need to look back at this when i get worried, and it'll be all good.
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i keep forgetting to tell people, but i've been invited to a formal interview at the university of arizona! super exciting, especially since arizona is somewhere between 1 and 3 on my list of places i'd like to be, depending on my mood. the only places i'd like more are possibly berkeley and possibly san diego, although arizona's program seems like a better fit than either of those. i haven't heard back from any other school yet, and it's not like arizona is taking me yet, but this is a great first step.


i will, really i will, write about new zealand in more detail. in the mean time, there are some pictures up here. we took about 600 pictures total, so the pictures in the album are just a small fraction. they're in chronoligical order and cover all the stuff we did...they're basically the highlights. so yeah. details to come, enjoy the photos for now.


david and i went to the symphony today, to see the moscow soloists in concert, and it was so cool! and they played 3 encore pieces! only russians ever play encores, i've noticed. well, and bands, but no non-russian symphony type performance generally has encores! much fun, and then we ate at max's opera cafe afterwards, and the waiters all sing and there was piano and stuff. so, nice evening.


i have enough miles for a free ticket to europe now! maybe i'll go this summer! hehe. just got back from a trip, and i'm already planning another one. silly elaine.

ok, off to bed. good night!
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so, the stupid boot i've been wearing for a month and a half is finally gone! weee! i can even wear matching shoes now! i'm quite glad i don't have to deal with it anymore, because taking it to new zealand was not an appealing prospect.


i will continue my year in review thing, i just need to have more than 10 minutes of free time in front of a computer, plus the energy to do it. i was reminded of how up and down this past year was when i did the first part, and continuing the post requires more mental energy than i've had. hopefully, i'll find some time this weekend, especially since it's a long weekend.


super excited about my weekend plans! tomorrow, cindy, emily (cindy's sister) and i are gonna go to the castro theater for a screening of the entire lord of the rings trilogy! it'll be so much fun! and also silly, but perfect for us. the first movie starts at 1:30pm and the whole thing should be over around midnight. happy times! and then on sunday, i get to play a real-life version of online room escape games! heh. i was really obsessed with this genre of games for a while, so now, the boy is making me one as an early new year's gift! i don't know anything about it, except its existence, so i'm really looking forward to playing it. he's so amazingly organized about it...and so amazingly dorky! hehe. *loves*


finally got our hotel and flight confirmations from travel dude. gah. but they're here, and even correct, and it's so exciting! one more week to go! this time next week, i'll be in the airport, waiting to depart. if anyone wants a postcard, you should tell me so. i'll screen comments on this post, so if you want, you can leave your address and no one but me will be able to see it.

ok, off to shower and light candles for the last night of hanukkah. i'm sure i'll post again before new year's, but for those of you who celebrate christmas, have a great weekend and a merry christmas.
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haven't had an update of substance in a little bit, mainly due to being generally busy. still am, but just wanted to summarize the cool things i've been doing.

last last weekend (the one before memorial day), david, melinda, and i drove down to caltech for the dabney house drop day party. dabney house is the one david and melinda lived in when they were at caltech, so they wanted to go and join current darbs (?? i think that's the word, but i'm not sure) and alumns and i just tagged along. but it was fun and awesome and i even got to help with building cool tunnel things. so good times, except for the drive back. it poured most of the way and was generally stressful and make my back go completely bonkers.

last week i muddled through 4 days of work and then was off to an israeli folk dance camp for the long weekend! drove to la (again! heh) with tali, which was much fun. we were both a little loopy and very silly, so the drive wasn't too bad, even when we were stuck in traffic. met (unexpectedly) two people i knew from bci several years back, which was awesome. kevin arrived on saturday morning and i mainly hung out with him and tali and my bci friends for the rest of the weekend. much dancing, not much sleeping, but lots of fun. back still a bit mad at me, but hugely better.

this week i had work tuesday and yesterday and again today, which means i will sadly miss bab5. i could've gone last week, but got overwhelmed with packing. ah, well. i'm hosting next week, so i'll have to be there! this weekend will be slightly insane...doing stuff with friends tomorrow night, helping corey on saturday, babysitting my little little niece on sunday. much stuff, but should be fun. oh, and i found the dress i want to wear to the wedding i'm going to the weekend after this one! excitement!

ok, that is all for now. possibly, ranting to come later.
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i just read a poem in russian that was sad and lovely and wonderful and i wish i could share it with you guys. but, alas, i'm not poet enough to translate anything that beautiful without destroying it. to summarize, though, it was all about how each person is his/her own world and even when we think we know everything about them, we really know nothing at all. and when anyone dies, a whole world ceases to exist. yeah.

so it got me thinking, actually, about the truth of that, and how we don't really know anyone fully. and it's both good and sad, 'cause on the one hand, it means you're always learning something new about the people you're around, no matter how close you are to them. on the other hand, it also means that in some way, everyone is a stranger to each other.

and now that i've gotten slightly sad and nostalgic, i shall go back to work. yes.
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off to get lower wisdom teeth extracted. meep! i really want to go to bab5 today, but it will depend on my state. likely, i'll end up going and just be very quiet and cuddle with people. that should be nice.

anyhow, wish me luck! i'm freaked out re: general anesthesia, but hopefully i can have something else done, like consious sedation or something like that. we shall see.


Mar. 16th, 2006 12:41 pm
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i am in sudden, largely inexplicable, need of hugs.  *clings to friends*  and i'm not even going to bab5 today, 'cause  i have to be at work 'till nearly 8 due to subject stuff,and bab5 is in san jose.  ah, well, maybe i'll go to bed early instead.  imagine that.

ok, back to work.  subject interaction coming up, so moodiness needs to flee!  flee, i tell you! heh.


Mar. 10th, 2006 01:46 pm
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elaine is tired.  not enough sleep, although i'm glad i went to bab5 yesterday.  it was nice to hang out with people, chat, and just lay around on a foof chair and be cuddled.  lots of head-scritching and general hugginess.  yay.  but then i had to get up super early today to deal with car stuff, and that was unhappy...both in the getting up early and in the actual dealing with it part.  not a fan of mechanics, especially ones who patronize me.  blah.  must bring my dad with me next time or something.  and now it's more hassle to deal with it all...rent a car, leave my car at shop, figure out insurance stuff.  meh.

on the bright side, my supervisor is going to talk to my pi (principal investigator) today and find a data set for me to present at a conference in november...the deadline for abstract submission is in 3 weeks, so i need to get started now.  yay!  exciting stuff!

ok, back to work.  thank goodness for weekend coming up.
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i just realized, to my own amusement, that i have acquired 7 lord of the rings boxed sets in the last 10 years or so.  2 have been for me: the original one that i got when i was 12, which my parents payed for, and one in college when i realized my old set was getting a little too well-loved for comfortable re-reading.  the other sets have been for other people who, for whatever reasons, did not own a copy and i thought they should.  heh.  spreading lotr love, one person at a time.

eta: 7 boxed sets, actually. entry has been changed to reflect this. heh.
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i realize it isn't friday, but i forgot about this last week and figured i might as well catch up now. yes.
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in other, non-related news, the nice lady at the va gift shop gave me a handful of dried cranberries when i came in to buy candy for the office. so nice! kinda the epitome of random acts of kindness.

ok, off to nik's place for dinner! yay!
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weee!!!! my hair has been restraightened! it's very exciting! and people at work keep coming in and staring at me. heh.
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when i went to the (very weird) VA giftshop that sells candy in little sealed ziplock-style bags, the lady who works there was slicing an apple for herself. after some small talk, she offered me a slice. it was one of those completely random, really sweet things to have done. yes.

in other news, weekend was vaguely nuts with family stuff, but now grandpa is back home! woohoo! he's still fuzzy, but there's hope that being at home will make that better. so yay.

had sleep setups at 10pm friday, saturday, and sunday...this was sad, but that's ok. more setups this week, thursday, friday, and saturday. at least i'm not working tomorrow. work is fun, though quite busy.

it's funny reading my friends' ljs...everyone is apologizing for being not social enough and too happy being couple-y, if there's such a thing as being too happy. i kinda feel the same way...it's a nice feeling, although i do need to get myself out and about more. i did go to bab5 last week, but it won't happen this week probably, because of work stuff. but yeah, life's good.
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to do: stop being passive-aggressive. no posting thinly veiled grumpy thoughts about people who may or may not read them. if you notice, by posting this little note to self, i'm mostly avoiding the passive-aggressiveness, since this post isn't at all targeted. and i'm also working out the urge to post. so yes, good thing. next on my to-do list? stop wanting to be passive-aggressive. but i think that one will take a while to cure.

in other news, i'm finally feeling human again, although kinda drowsy. need to get normal amount of sleep for the next couple of days, i'm thinking.
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got a really good pep talk from my supervisor today...she's such a psychology person, in the best way. really knows how to be motivating without being over-the-top about it. i was feeling a little discouraged about work, since recruitment is being annoying and there are lots of little things that keep going wrong...and i know that it's to be expected, and these things kinda work themselves out, but it was bringing both me and the study coordinator down. and so our supervisor, who's the senior manager on all this, sat us down and talked to us and we were both re-energized and much happier about it all. so that's good.

setup yesterday went very late, 'cause the subject came to the hospital an hour and a half late. blah. today should be better, though, but i'm still missing dance. for the third week in a row. meh. annoyance, but what can i do?

went to the exploratorium with a whole lot of techie people on sunday, which was pretty awesome. it was quite amusing to watch them get engrossed by minute details of exhibits. much fun. sunday was also the birthday brunch for my little niece! she's such a doll! my sister and her husband dressed the baby up in a puffy little dress and put a bow on her head, and it was highly adorable. my older niece had a good time, too, and looked so pretty! so a good day.

saturday was mad cleaning day, because my parents visited my appartment. heh. but it went ok, and we went out to a nice dinner and all.

grandpa update: he varies from day to day. he's still in the rehab place, and some days he's better and some days he's worse. he's swallowing now, so we can feed him, but his parkinson's is giving him a lot of issues and he's pretty confused about stuff. but i'm trying to be hopeful, even when it's difficult.

everything's good with the boy, which makes me happy. it's nice to feel things getting more and more comfortable, you know? i'm excited for him with his job stuff, and just excited in general. good times.

on a random note, i really want to start an anonymous blog (meaning, not associated with me at all) and see if i can get readership on it, as a kind of experiment. i may even do it. heh. it just seems like it would be fun. i mean, how do anonymous bloggers get readers? it's easier on lj, with the communities and all. you can comment or post in a community, and people find out who you are, but how do you do it on a site like blogger, that doesn't have the same community feature? in any case, i might give it a try, branch away from lj a bit. we'll see.

ok, that's all...back to work.


Jan. 19th, 2006 03:30 pm
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tire went nuts today. thank goodness for AAA. i really need to learn how to change a tire myself, since it didn't look all that hard. now i've got the tiny spare tire (which means no freeways!) 'till saturday or so, when i can figure out where to go to get a new one. blah.

in better news, my niece nicole turned 1 yesterday! and took her first steps! cuteness! and i had a really nice evening yesterday...the setup went pretty well and then i met up with melinda and we had dinner and desserts at tart to tart and good conversation, so that was happy. so yeah, life's good, even if my car is messing with me.


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